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Asia's Premier Functional Programming Conference
24-26 MARCH  |  Online


Functional Conf is designed to bring together the growing community of functional programmers under one roof.
Functional programming (FP) has been a hot research topic for over three decades now. However, in the last few years, driven by the need to build massively concurrent systems and to handle big-data in smarter ways, diverse companies - ranging from tech start-ups to financial institutes - are rapidly adopting FP concepts.

Currently, FP is at the heart of every new generation programming technology. Companies are employing FP to actuate more effective, robust, and flexible software development. This has given birth to an extremely vibrant community of functional programmers, who are constantly exploring new and varied ways to bring in FP concepts to the enterprise software development world. 

Conference TOPICs

Understand the fundamental concepts of FP

Learn how others are leveraging FP to solve real world problems

Experts share their expertise on practical usages and gotchas in FP concepts

Practitioners can meet peers and exchange real-world experience



Our speakers range from senior developers on Functional language dev teams to experts in how to implement Functional Programming in your work

john hughes

Co-creator Haskell &
Creator QuickCheck


Chair of Haskell Core Libraries Committee

Sujatha Hemmady

 Tech Lead @ Redbus

robert virding

Language Expert @ Erlang Solutions

Debasish Ghosh

Principal Software Eng. @ Lightbend Inc


VP Engineering @ FP Complete


Author - 7 Languages in 7 Weeks

Anne Ogborn

Logic Programmer @

Tony Morris

Software Engineer @ Simple Machines

Vimal Kumar


Morten Kromberg

CXO @ Dyalog

Aaron Hsu speaking at Functional Conf

Aaron Hsu

Researcher @ Dyalog

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#FnConf19 is one of the most eager and open places I've spoken at. Everyone is there to learn, to find out new things, and to explore. They are also unfailingly hospitable and friendly. It's great to see India diving into innovation.
Aaron Hsu

Aaron Hsu

Researcher - Dyalog, Ltd.
Very impressed with #FnConf19 and its attendees, learned a lot talking today, and the venue, the organizers, everything really, is absolutely outstanding, thanks for having me and spreading the F# love!
Adam Granicz

Adam Granicz

CEO @ IntelliFactory
I've attended Functional Conf many times. Bangalore has an incredible number of great engineers that are very eager to learn about functional programming. The speakers come from all over the world and it's an awesome opportunity to meet them. (2019)
Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna

Principal Engineer @ Atlassian
A grand finale to an insightful, inspiring conference. The #FnConf19 panel discussion saw speakers taking on hard Q's on functional programming, industry and dev community adoption, learnings yet to be adopted and more!
Gunjan Juyal

Gunjan Juyal

Sr. Consultant @ Xnsio
Lens workshop by Edward Kmett and Tony Morris was an experience out of this world listening from the Gods themselves #FnConf19.

Kaushik Chakraborty

Sr. Architect @ Cognizant Tech Solutions
Very lively conversations and discussions, with people who knew their stuff and others who were there to learn a lot. I think I came out with a lot of new ideas to tinker with - that's the best part!

Shruti Shinde

Tech Lead @ Reliance Jio


Check out the videos from past Functional Confs in our extensive video archive.


Invest three days days crossing paths with senior developers from different functional programming languages and other experts in the field of functional programmers. Virtual networking tables offer you the chance to make connections, build relationships and share your knowledge.


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