Who should attend Functional Conf?

February 23, 2022
Functional Conf is for anyone interested in functional programming - whether you are just getting started or are very experienced.


Functional Conf was this really engaging, inspiring sort of place.
- Aaron Hsu

There are a lot of smart people at this conference who care a lot about writing code and doing it well.
- Joel Rosario

We'll see people that are just starting to put a toe in the water of functional programming and don't really know how to think in terms of functions and are still trying to make a transition from object oriented.
- Bruce Tate

We knew about functional programming. We knew the word all those things out there. But everything is new. We are entering into a new world here.
- Akshhayaa Krishnan

There are three tracks. Introduction to functional programming, applying functional programming, and mastering functional programming.
- Anupam Jain

It feels to me like just a team of people who are collaborating to help each other lift their knowledge and skills wherever they may be in that journey.
- Tony Morris

I really enjoy this sort of mix that comes to this place. It's not purely academic, it's not purely theoretical, it's not purely industry. It's just a nice place for everyone, just learning and figuring things out.
- Anmol Sahoo

There's a lot of cool people here and helpful people, and you should come.
- Tony Morris

Everybody was there with an open mind, hoping to learn new things and push the boundaries of what was possible. And really trying to just enjoy programming again.
- Aaron Hsu

Come here. Talk to people, have fun. It's a lot of fun.
- Athira Mukundan

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